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Rio-Medical Clinic

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Our best features

We can offer you


We offer higher qualified and professional medical assistance and help you to overcome your disease

Quality Diagnostics

We perform many different tests for a complete check of your body

Modern Equipment

Our doctors use only modern equipment for fast and effective treatment

Pediatric Specialization

Our doctors have extensive experience working with young children and newborns

Convenient Location

Our center is located in the most convenient place in the city and always open to anyone

Doctor Call

Our specialist can come to your home on call and provide assistance on the spot

Our Services

Professional Advice

Professional Advice

Our doctors will consult and give you the right advice on choosing a treatment for your disease

Best Treatment

Best Treatment

We provide only high-quality and highly effective medical care in various areas and pathologies

Reabilitation and Prevention

Reabilitation and Prevention

After undergoing treatment, an important stage in the recovery of the body is the process of rehabilitation and prevention of recurrent disease

High-quality Diagnostics

High-quality Diagnostics

With the help of modern equipment, we can carry out high-quality diagnostics of your body and determine the disease at an early stage of its progression

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Our Contacts

You can find us on the specified contacts and call in case of any questions. We`ll try to answer all calls as quickly as possible

London, Baker Street, 221b

+38(012) 345 67 89

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